Bbi Ju Model Grant Agreement

This project was funded by the joint venture Bio Based Industries (ENTREPRISE COMMUNE) as part of the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 790440. The joint venture is supported under the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Organic Industries Consortium for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for BBI JU projects under Horizon 2020`s general right-wing interest scheme for EMIR. The main rules for ownership of project results are in the BBI-JU (MGA) standard grant agreement. BBI JU will ask the consortium to fulfill all of its legal obligations under the grant agreement. The RRI belongs to the team that generates the results. In very specific circumstances, co-ownership may apply. As soon as the results become available, the co-owners will be able to agree on another ownership scheme. The co-owners must agree in writing on the allocation and conditions of their co-ownership by way of a co-ownership agreement. If the co-owners have not yet entered into a common ownership agreement, the standard agreement established in the subsidy agreement applies to common ownership. Under this standard scheme, any co-owner can grant non-exclusive licences without any sublicensing rights, provided that the co-owners are dismissed at least 45 days in advance and receive fair and appropriate compensation.

The European IPR Assistance Service provides free assistance to beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects and to SMEs participating in transnational partnership agreements for deni and IPR issues. Helpdesk has published a fact sheet on the use and dissemination of Horizon 2020. Each participant should disseminate the results they produce and have as soon as possible. The exceptions apply only to the protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs), security or legitimate interests. The BIO-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is asking the consortium`s partners for successful proposals to make a fixed contribution to the project, which is calculated to be equal to 4% of the approved amount of the BBI-JU grant for the project. Internal provisions relating to the implementation of the grant must be included in the consortium agreement (CA) between the consortium members. The consortium agreement can be supplemented by other agreements between partners. Recipients are free to issue licenses (including quasi-exclusive licences) for their own results, provided they can guarantee that all access rights can be exercised. They may even grant an exclusive licence if the other beneficiaries have waived their access rights. If the provisions of the signed consortium agreement are not respected, the beneficiaries must settle the dispute between them. Under grant agreement 709606, LIGNOFLAG receives 24.7 million euros.

In accordance with Council Regulation 560/2014 of 6 May 2014 establishing the joint venture “Organic Industries”, the BBI programme office must be funded equally by the Commission and the BIC, and the PROTECTed Project Contribution Account (PPCA) is the mechanism set up by BIC to finance this office of the BBI programme. Because the BBI`s appeals are open to all participants, whether they are members of the BIC or non-BIC and as part of the sector`s collective responsibility, all project participants are invited to participate fairly and equitably in the operating costs of the program office. The contribution to the project is not considered an eligible cost for the projects, which is not part of the grants.