What Will Happen To Ankara Agreement After Brexit

However, it is expected that the applicant will be able to select a qualified occupation from a list and complete the minimum quality for the specialized profession in order to qualify for a visa. UK departments are committed to complying with relevant constitutional obligations and conventions and will continue to cooperate with officials of the dependence of the crown and overseas territories for their participation in the UK`s international agreements. 2.18: “The directly effective settlement and provision of services arising from the articles of the Ankara Agreement and the Additional Protocol have implications for the immigration regime of Turkish nationals to the UK and provide the legal basis for preferential treatment for Turkish nationals (compared to those who are not members of the EU/EEA). This instrument ensures that Turkish nationals who, immediately before the departure date, operate a business or services in the United Kingdom or who provide services do not lose their right of residence due to the non-application of settlement rights and the free provision of services. Changes in immigration policy are made by separate legislation. See 6.5 below.┬áThe government does not intend to transfer all the agreements in their entirety. These include the EEA agreement, the EU-Switzerland agreement on the free movement of people and the Ankara agreement. On the basis of this statement, Turkish workers currently on the line appear to be safe at the end of the transition period. Whether they are given additional leave and can be granted for 5 years is a separate issue that is not clear from above and depends on the “road” that remains open. Turkish nationals enjoy special rights under the Ankara Agreement. After the EU`s withdrawal, the UK`s commitment to the agreement disappears in a non-agreement scenario. However, as a transitional measure, the United Kingdom will attempt to reiterate the effects of ecAA on the resident Turkish population.

This will allow ECAA resident workers and ECAA businessmen and their family members to apply for additional leave with eligibility conditions similar to those currently in place and to move to the UK. We have not yet made any commitments with regard to Turkish nationals who arrive in a situation without an agreement after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. “It meant that the space for the rest of the world to come to Britain was clearly under pressure. Because we must give priority to the citizens of the EU. In the future, no country will benefit from the first preference. I imagine that well-qualified people who want to go to the UK and not to the EU will have more room. But everything I say is subject to a new law that will be introduced in the second half of this year,” said the ambassador. The government advocates transparency in the mission of the European Union and ensures that businesses and citizens have the information they need to prepare for all scenarios. As a result, these pages are regularly updated based on new information about all other agreements as they are advanced. For specific questions regarding certain international agreements, please contact the relevant government department in the list. Some of these listed agreements are still subject to parliamentary procedure or ratification by the partner of a third country. In addition, some agreements have not yet been confirmed regarding their entry into force on 31 October, notably: the dependencies of the British crown and overseas territories have relations with the EU.

These relationships mean that crown dependencies and overseas territories are part of the EU for specific purposes and benefit from some of its international agreements.